How It Works 60 Second Science – 5th Edition 2022

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How It Works 60 Second Science – 5th Edition 2022
Requirements: .PDF reader, 74.7 MB True PDF

Overview: Welcome to How It Works 60 Second Science. In this fact-packed guide we introduce fundamental principles in physics, biology and chemistry with clear, concise explanations, infographics and illustrations. From the Big Bang to quantum mechanics, and fossils to Wi-Fi, you’ll be up to speed with the latest breakthroughs in no time. Throughout the book you’ll also have the opportunity to put these theories into practice with our easy-to-follow experiments. See how circuits work with batteries made from lemons, detect Earth’s magnetic field by making your own compass, learn how to instantly freeze water with a single touch, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Dive in to discover how the wonderful world around you works.

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