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Daphne’s Diary English Edition – Issue 02, 2023

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Daphne’s Diary English Edition – Issue 02, 2023
Requirements: .PDF reader, 85.82 MB
Overview: Daphne’s Diary is for the woman who loves antiques, vintage, romance and nostalgia. She is creative and loves home decorating and gardening.
Within its gorgeous pastel coloured pages, Daphne’s Diary introduces readers to the very best and most stylish interior design ideas, gardening tips, recipes and more.
The eponymous Daphne takes readers by the hand throughout each issue, imparting advice and ideas in a friendly and personable style that is unlike anything else available on the shelves. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just like to keep ahead of the curve, you should be sure to keep Daphne’s Diary close to hand.

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